About us


What do you want from a PC or computer system?

- We provide you with exactly the computer system you need.

And why exactly our company?

- Our motto is: "Quality!"

As a certified IT specialist dealer we can assure you that you buy quality products at a fair price.

At the request of our customers we have therefore created a company with two locations where you get high quality products and excellenct advice.

Our services range from the gaming computer up to complex networks including cabeling.

Our team is awaiting your inquiries and will be happy to serve you.




 Netzwerkklinik (NWK) - Geschäftsführer


Michael Gruber




 responsible for: 

  • management
  • customer care
  • sales
  • technology
  • systems analyses
  • advice
  • training
  • website creation
  • programming





  • service technician for copiers & computers  
  • personality training LSB
  • management seminars
  • foreman for electrical engineering
  • electrical license
  • alarm license
  • Ikarus CAVE, DATEV, Zyxel, BMD
  • power engineer
  • radio & TV technician



  Netzwerkklinik (NWK) - Assistenz der Geschäftsleitung


Angela Gruber



responsible for:

  • purchasing
  • customer care
  • printer service
  • user training





  • HAK, various computer courses
  • technician training
  • personal training LSB
  • PC administrator exam
  • int. PC license
  • MCSE i.A.