The following systems are installed and maintained by us for you:

  • Windows Server all versions
  • Small Business Server, Essentials Server all versions
  • Exchange Server all versions
  • Back-Office Family

 We also offer backup solutions for Microsoft networks, such as Symantec Backup Exec.

Maintenance of file servers

The data security of a server is not an easy task because the file server is the heart of a computer system. Leave this tedious job rather to specialists who have years of experience.

Although to the operation of a Microsoft file server may seem similar to a Windows home computer that does not mean at all that it works the same. We warn you from experience against such decisions!



As an experienced electrical company, we are able to offer you wiring of superior quality . The question of how the cable was fitted into the wall , is much more relevant than the wiring itself. We offer an assessment of the quality of your wiring.

Components such as hubs , switches, routers , switching hubs , and bridges are crucial for the speed at which you can access your data on the network. For this reason, you need a meaningful concept .

Furthermore, we offer the following cabling options:

  • Cat5 & Cat6,...
  • Token Ring (for even existing plants)
  • phone wiring
  • BNC
  • Electric wiring for uninterruptible power supply systems and surge protection and lightning protection