Network concept


Network servers are complex components of your computer system, because they are responsible for the central data access in your system. They also control and manage all access permissions and thus offer an enormous security against data theft. Network servers can be used for centralized data backup and this protects against data loss. These servers will help you to administrate your system cost and are the heart of your computer system.


Workstations are connected to the network server by means of transport media. Their job is to quickly and reliably prepare and store information on the server. Here high performance is required. Nothing is more annoying than waiting for screen layout, calculations, graphics changes , printers, etc... 


Cables connect the workstation to the file server. " Would you accept a dripping water pipe in your home? " - If your wiring is wrong, many errors creep into your system which are often hard to assign. Problems in the wiring are usually very complex and costly to remove . Therefore, saving on the cabeling is usually very expensive.